Only 4 Hours Late Flying Bali-Jakarta Usual Day At the office July 2018

Only 4 Hours Late Flying-what you gonna do ? I must go home ! so once more I took the risk and bought a ticket for the evening flight  Bali-Jakarta ( I have been told that evening flights are almost guarantied to be delayed).As a frequent traveler I am used to the matter and I do not need to mention the name of the airline because you probably know already which is concerned.


Only 4 Hours Late
Flights Schedule

4 Hours Late Flying

My flight was supposed to take off at 20:15 then when that time came and passed my immediate though was nothing out of the ordinary and I as written on the schedule above since I just got extra 2 hours to kill I have decided to little bit test the knowledge ( and the patience) of the staff in charge not as a pay back but almost.

The very nice young lady was very nice and promised me that the time on the chart will actually be the estimate time of the take off 22:20, she looked very confident in what she was saying not to mention that her shift was almost finished so why not leaving me with some hope ? In fact boarding time was pushed to 23: 10  and we took off at 12:10. She was not that far.


Only 4 Hours Late Flying
Information Desk

Surreal Dialog

When I went to the ground crew of the airline I decided ( since I had time ) to push the boundaries a  bit further and came up with the stupid idea to ask them the reason of the delay .Then from that other lady I had a little bit more ignorance and arrogance. with a following dialog worth the best jokes of the Marx Brothers quite a delight indeed here it goes :

Note: My Bahasa is almost perfect so we perfectly understood each other.

4 Hours Late Flying

Only 4 Hours Late Flying
Extra Food For Passengers

“Please Madam can I ask you a question ?

_ Sure Sir

_ It is about the delay , I would like to know what is the cause of the delay ?

_ The cause is that the aircraft is coming  late from Banjarmasin

_ Is anything happen during the flight ? any technical issue ?

_ The aircraft did not took off on time from there Sir

_ Would you know the reason for that madam ?


Only 4 Hours Late Flying
These passengers worried for the correspondence in Jakarta

_ The reason Sir I already told you , because the plane took off too late

_ Madam the lateness of the aircraft is not the reason , it is the consequence , do you understand what I mean ?

at this point she seems very uncomfortable and broke the conversation unilaterally so I decided to push her a bit further :

_ Could you please answer my question madam and not walking away from me because it is disrespectful to a paying passenger that is talking to you .

_ Sir I already told you the reason but you seem not to understand

_ Sorry Madam but you did not indeed gave me any explanation as for why the aircraft is late , is it technical ? is it the weather or an issue with a passenger or may be the crew ?

At this point without answering me she just took off and disappeared forever.

That other guy was cooler and explained to me that they simply did not know the reason why the aircraft was late , which is after all an answer that I can eventually accepted though I believe that passengers deserved a bit better than that.


Only 4 Hours Late Flying
The crew is passing oblivious

4 Hours Late Flying

2018 Communication technology

The thing is now days with all this wonderful technology I really cannot understand how people just do not communicate by WA , radio, emails and even from a flying aircraft the crew I believe is able to send information and messages, is it not ??


Only 4 Hours Late Flying
Finally Boarding !

Who serves who ?

I would accept any reasonable explanation and quite frankly my grief is basically to observe from the airline the obvious disdain they show to the very people who ensure their survival and sustainability in the business. I surely do not believe that the staff is really to be blame for this though that lady should have been able to cope with my demand (if only she would be trained properly which I doubt)

4 Hours Late Flying

Only 4 Hours Late Flying
Ready to go to bed

This is your life !

Airlines in a sense are very similar to hospitality, however they most of the time handling complaint or request extremely poorly as they always look like invested with a superior mission that place them way above the very people they are supposed to serve (and protect)  .

So next time ( which will be very soon ) that you face a delay (4 hours, almost nothing ) just sit tight take the lousy food and above all SHUT THE HELL UP !! and put your  life in the hands of these people.

Enjoy your flight !!




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