Jakarta street safety rules are simple, who would care for their children’s life ???

Jakarta street safety rules are simple and made easy to understand by all inhabitants. As we know and as many of us have seen road accidents in many occasions I would not complaint to the government for wanting to preserve people safety by asking them to wear helmet even though helmet protection is fairly limited by only covering only the head.


Jakarta street safety rules
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Jakarta street safety rules

Did any one’s life ever been saved due to helmet ? the answer is definitely yes in many countries and many occasions. So is it a good thing that when you drive a motorcycle you and your passengers wearing an helmet ? who would answer no really ?


Jakarta street safety rules
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Jakarta street safety rules

The second question is to know if an emptied half watermelon can be considered as a helmet and can efficiently protect your head ? or does a jilbab can protect your head ?

we all know the answers to these questions, yet I still fail to understand the purpose of wearing a useless helmet and how about not wearing any at all ? Why would people bother spending money for their motorcycle and not invest anything for their protection?


Jakarta street safety rules
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Reasons given for not wearing helmet

People always come up with (in their view at least ) very good reasons not to wear helmets.

πŸš‘ I am not going far from hereΒ  ( what is the limit distance ? does accidents only happen during long trip?)

πŸš‘ The regulation does not apply for kids , only to adultsΒ  ( you must be kidding right ??)

πŸš‘ No need to wear because there is no police around ( I let you judge of this one)

πŸš‘ Nothing will happen to me because God will protect me ( does accidents only happen to non-believers ?)

πŸš‘ Helmet are useless because they only protect the head ( Is your head the hardest and the most important part of your body ?)

πŸš‘ Helmet is ugly and messing upΒ  my hair ( doesΒ  a bloody splinted headΒ  look good and not messing up hair?)

πŸš‘ No need helmet because I m not driving fast ( how about the others ? look at the video, some are going fast)

πŸš‘ Real men don’t wear helmet ( this one for show-off teens)

πŸš‘ No need helmet because I am a very good and careful driver ( how about the others if they are not as good as you ? also GP pilots are great drivers and yet they wear helmets)

πŸš‘ I am not wearing it like many others, I m not the only one ( how about if the other would all jump from the 10th floor , would you also jump?)


Jakarta street safety rules

Well I guess you got my point and in my opinion there is not so many reasons for not wearing helmet other than plain stupidity and ignorance.


Jakarta street safety rules



What do I think of people that are not wearing helmet while driving their motorcycle in the street

πŸ‘Ž They are a danger for themselves, their passengers and others

πŸ‘Ž They are irresponsible and show a poor example for the others

πŸ‘Ž They do not value their own life and therefore the one of others

πŸ‘Ž They have no respect for common life regulations and therefore for their town and country

πŸ‘Ž They display a very poor discipline and therefore have weak mental strength

πŸ‘Ž They display a poor image of themselves, their town,province and country

Jakarta street safety rules

Jakarta street rules simple

Without getting too deep into the analyse, sociology,psychoanalyses etc… wearing your helmet is simply safer and pure common sense . A small contribution to the society.

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