Livingwell Restaurant Organic at Pepito Supermarket on Uluwatu road Bali

Livingwell Restaurant Organic  on the road to Uluwatu Bali at Pepito Supermarket is an amazing and cozy little piece of paradize. Livingwell Cafe offers more than awesome food and feeding your mind and soul is as important than feeding your belly.

Healthy philosophy emphasis freshness and organically grown veggies and fruits is brought forward by Livingwell Cafe.

Livingwell Restaurant Organic
Livingwell front door


Attended to premium Supermarket Pepito, Livingwell Cafe distills agreeable vibes by displaying growing herbs at the entrance. Very inviting aromas of  basil, rosemary,parsley and mint.


Livingwell Restaurant Organic
Inside counter Livingwell

The small company is actually specialized in farming natural sustainable products. Without the abusive effects of insecticides and nitrites that endanger the soil and weakens natural benefits of products.

Interior design is simple but well decorated and welcoming. Very agreeable atmosphere for a hot sunny day.


Livingwell Restaurant Organic
Livingwell interior


Livingwell Restaurant Organic

Every product used in the kitchen is certified from organic farm and therefore contains all elements to sustain healthy life. The organic shop offering a large variety of the products such as :

🥦Vegetables of many kinds

🍒Fruits variety

🍶Cosmetics for external use

🥛Healthcare dietary supplements

🥃Kombucha ( microbial fermented tea)

🍠Dried snacks

All of the above products are guaranteed not using MSG,chemical,sweeteners,flavorings,coloring, preservative ,hormones,antibiotic etc…


Livingwell Restaurant Organic
Livingwell Pastry

Livingwell Restaurant Organic

The whole menu revolve around the same philosophical concept offering vegan and non gluten dishes though not being exclusive at all giving you the choice.


Livingwell Restaurant Organic
livingwell menu

I decided to go for the rainbow homemade noodle with detox juice called “romantic” .


Livingwell Restaurant Organic
Rainbow homemade noodle with Romantic Juice

Livingwell Restaurant Organic

Service was surprisingly quick and the staff was well above average communicative and knowledgeable. Well trained it seem  for such a large range of choices. Waitresses spoke English very well .


Livingwell Restaurant Organic
Organic Dry food rack

Livingwell Cafe restaurant was a very welcome oasis.I truly could relax while having very healthy and delicious lunch in the middle of a very sunny hot day. On your way to Uluwatu when dropping by Pepito Supermarket for shopping just treat yourself to Livingwell Cafe .



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