Wonderful Concert Pongky Barata at Lippo Mal Kuta Guitar Experience 2018

Wonderful Concert Pongky Barata during Guitar Experience festival at Mal Lippo Kuta in Kartika Street organised and sponsored by Heind guitar and Lippo Mal Kuta. Btween 18 til 20th of August a panel of great Indonesian guitarist performed in front of passionate crowds for free.

The peak of the festival was the performance of popular artist Pongky Barata. Pongky Barata is not only a great guitarist and songwriter but also a confident professional entertainer that can bring his audience into a world of musical poetry in a very relaxing way.


pongky barata



For someone who really love and know music, apart of individual taste, quality has many different levels. In my case, being open to any kind of music as long as the quality ids top noch I always going to enjoy it whether it is rock ‘n roll, jazz, classic or pop.


Wonderful Concert Pongky Barata
people at concert Pongky Barata

Pongky Barata is a consumate entertainer and has given already joy to millions of fans during his already prestigious career. Originally from Yoyakarta he was born in Pontianak on the island of Kalimantan ( Borneo) in June 1977. Father of 2 ,Pongky reached stardom with the band “Jikustik” where he composed songs for  8 albums until 2006.


Wonderful Concert Pongky Barata
pongky Barata

Wonderful Concert Pongky Barata

After that period where he gained fame Pongky Barata continued his success in his solo career and also writing and composing songs for many fellow singers such as Iwan Fals, Puput Melati and Siti Nurhaliza.


Wonderful Concert Pongky Barata
Busy crowd at concert Pongky Barata


Wonderful Concert Pongky Barata

Being a talented guitarist and entertainer Pongky was the main attraction for the concert given at Lippo Mal Kuta to celebrate and promote guitar playing. All his songs are known all over Indonesia and the quality of his music is second to none. Playing effortlessly with his band Pongky disseminate a great vibe among the  crowd giving a wonderful evening to all the lucky ones present.

This guy know what music is about and his songs are really meaningful . Great stuff to relax and tease the brain.

Judge by yourself :



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